Hi kids, I’m Freddy

I’m totally bananas about bananas! That’s why I’m here to help you discover everything you need to know about this fab little fruit. Plus, I’ll also show you lots of fun things you can do with bananas such as cooking with them… and even colouring them in!

Let’s have some more fun

I like to do many things from cooking to experimenting to getting fit and would love if you could join me.

  • Check out my super tasty banana recipes to try at home with your mum and dad.
  • Discover more about where bananas like me grow up and lots of other fun facts you can tell your friends.
  • Discover a bunch of fun ways to get super fit and strong.
  • If you love painting, taking photos or just making a bit of a mad mess then I’ve got lots of fun arty things for you to try.

Get Arty

Growing up in beautiful Belize surrounded by lots of green fields and sunny skies – there’s no wonder I’m full of lots of arty inspiration! So, if you want to get messy with paints, or try to be super neat when colouring in pictures of me and my friends, well this is the perfect place for you.

Get Fit

On your marks, get set… let’s go get fit with Freddy! If you want to be like a banana (full of healthy goodness) then here are some super fun ways to stay fit and strong.

My favourite sports are Football, Basketball and Athletics.

Banana Boffins

Welcome you brainy bunch! Here you’ll discover lots of fun facts about bananas like me. For example, did you know bananas don’t actually grow on trees at all? We actually grow on really, really, really, really… tall plants! To discover more fun facts, plus some exciting experiments you can try at home keep reading on!

Get Cooking

Yummy scrummy bananas in your tummy! I looooooooovvvvee bananas so much I’m always thinking of tasty new ways to enjoy them.  Below, you’ll discover some of my super delicious recipes for fab Fairy Cakes, Super Smooth Banana & Avocado Smoooooooothies and so many more. Enjoy.