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Yummy scrummy bananas in your tummy! I looooooooovvvvee bananas so much I’m always thinking of tasty new ways to enjoy them.  Below, you’ll discover some of my super delicious recipes for fab Fairy Cakes, Super Smooth Banana & Avocado Smoooooooothies and so many more. Enjoy.

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There are so many amazing recipes you can make using naturally sweet, delicious bananas.

      • Fyffes Banoffee Pie
      • Serves 8
      • With a thick layer of biscuits, smothered in golden caramel, topped with sliced bananas and freshly whipped cream-what's not to love!!
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      • Fyffes Banana Chocolate Blondies
      • Serves 6
      • This easy tray bake is also packed with banana and chocolate. Serve at teatime or warm with a scoop of ice-cream for dessert.
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I like to do many things from cooking to experimenting to getting fit and would love if you could join me.

  • Get Cooking
    Check out my super tasty banana recipes to try at home with your mum and dad.
  • Banana Boffins
    Discover more about where bananas like me grow up and lots of other fun facts you can tell your friends.
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    Discover a bunch of fun ways to get super fit and strong.
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