Get Fit

On your marks, get set… let’s go get fit with Freddy! If you want to be like a banana (full of healthy goodness) then here are some super fun ways to stay fit and strong.

My favourite sports are Football, Basketball and Athletics.

Freddy’s 5 simple ways to stay fit

Playing sports is a really great way to do lots of exercise. And best of all, you’ll hardly notice how much you’re doing because you’ll be having so much fun! Remember, it’s the taking part that counts… but feel free to win too!

  • Football
    This is one of my favourite sports ever! I love kicking a ball around in the sunshine or sometimes even in the rain.
  • Cycling to school
    You have to get to school somehow, so why not get fit on the way? Find some friends with bikes too and see how fast you can get there.
  • Play at the park
    Whether you’re climbing trees with your mum and dad, flying a kite, or simply having fun pushing your friends on the swings, there’s so much to do at the park to keep fit.
  • Skipping
    As well as being super easy, skipping is a really great way to get your heart pumping in no time. And with lots of games you can play with your friends it’s fun too.
  • Taking the dog for a walk
    Our furry friends need lots of exercise to stay fit and healthy too. So, take your dog for a long walk and see who gets tired first… it won’t be the dog! If you don’t have a dog ask a friendly neighbour if you can walk their dog for them.

The perfect snack after exercise

As a Freddy Fyffes Banana I’m packed with lots of great stuff to keep you both strong and fit. Firstly, I’m brimming with loads of vitamins and minerals, as well as being crammed full of natural things like carbohydrates and fibre. Secondly, I’m a really good source of vitamins C and B6, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and copper – trust me that’s all good stuff! In fact, few fruits contain such a wide range of vitamins and minerals as me, and best of all I’m really low in fat too.

Dundalk FC

In sport, the Captain’s Armband is more than a piece of fabric. The real weight of the Captain’s Armband, and everything it symbolises, is immeasurable. A badge of honour, an unspoken commitment and fearless leadership. Fyffes has been involved in one way or another in supporting Dundalk FC since 1961, from providing bananas for the team’s training or in a sponsorship capacity.

“The Captain’s Armband” is the third part of the Fyffes Dundalk ‘trilogy’ which has charted the SSE Airtricity League-winning team over the last three years.

Let’s have some more fun

I like to do many things from cooking to experimenting to getting fit and would love if you could join me.

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